Qubino, a global innovator of a cutting-edge technology for home automation, is launching an innovation – LUXY Smart Switch – which sets new milestones in the functionality of light switches. It is the first smart switch that will gently illuminate you home in more than 16 million colours, as it combines functions that are usually available on the market as individual products.

At Qubino, which is already present at more than 65 markets around the world and nr. one choice among the many home automation users, they wanted to develop a product that would bring a significant technological progress to the market of smart switches. “When analyzing the market, we found out that that the basic function of the switch has not changed since its invention in 1884. Just think what technological advances have taken place in other fields, e.g. automotive, telecommunication, or computer technology in the last century and a half,Leon Kralj, the CEO of Qubino, points out.

Luxy is transforming the concept of the light switch

From its invention, light switches have changed solely in terms of design and materials used. However, no significant improvements have been made in the functionality of switches, as their only function remains to switch on/off the light or the associated load. Luxy is therefore transforming the concept of the light switch, as it is the first smart switch in the world that combines functions of the switch, light, and a dimmer.

That is exactly what makes Luxy first of its kind (unique and innovative). Besides as an ordinary switch, you can use it as a decorative or ambient light that will gently illuminate your home in any of the 16 million colours. As you can also dim the brightness of the Luxy light and choose between 4 presetted lighting effects, Luxy will help you set the mood and become your personalized (and favourite) home accessory.

Use Luxy as a smart device

You can control Luxy Smart Switch manually, wirelessly or set it to work automatically. As a standalone device, you can control it through 5 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface, which also represents a significant technological advance, as switches are usually operated with physical buttons.

When connected to the Z-Wave gateway, Luxy Switch becomes a smart home device, enabling you to control it remotely via smartphone or tablet and enjoy plenty of other functionalities it offers, e.g. creating more complex scenes, as setting the automatic on/off schedule. When Luxy is connected to triggers, it can act as a visual alarm and starts blinking in selected colours when visitors arrive or when motion, water leakage, etc. is detected.


Innovation is crucial in a highly competitive Smart Home market

Smart home market has been growing tremendously in the past years. The forecasts for the next years are even more promising, which is no surprise, given all the benefits that smart home technology brings. “The competition in the smart home market is fierce, therefore it’s very important to constantly introduce novelties, which are ahead of time, technologically advanced and as user friendly as they can be. We’re confident that we’ve achieved this with most of our existing products, which are developed by our own development team. Like all Qubino products, Luxy, the switch of the future, reflects innovation, quality and comes with the best customer support on the market,” Kralj concludes.

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